How To Drive Qualified Leads With Social Media

How To Drive Qualified Leads With Social Media


Over the last century, thousands of businesses from around the world have moved to Social Media Marketing or have integrated it into their marketing strategy to generate leads, nurture prospects and drive sales.

Why? Because social media provides total control on marketing, it is measurable and scalable, highly flexible, cost efficient and way much more effective than the other traditional marketing channels when done the proper way.

We've been helping entrepreneurs, companies, professionals and sales agents succeed with Social Media Marketing. We understand their struggles so we've rounded up actionable insights from experiences to help you drive leads to your business through Social Media.

5 Actionable Steps to Drive Qualified Leads to Your Business with Social Media

1. Know Thy Self

Identity is one of the important foundations of your business or whatever products you are selling. You must clearly define your company, products or services. You also must clearly define your objectives and reason for existence. A crystal-clear definition of everything about your business would keep your marketing messages and branding consistent.

2. Know Thy Audience

This is one of the areas where entrepreneurs and businesses are struggling and wasting precious resources like effort, time and money. It's literally like 'barking up the wrong tree'. You have to define who your buyer persona. It's all about pre-qualifying and narrowing your leads to those who are most likely to buy your products or services.

3. Optimize Your Social Media Page

Aside from your website, your company's social media page would most likely be the first point of contact with your audience. As others would say 'first impressions last'. You need to optimize your company social media page so your first time page visitors would develop interest and follow you. Make your profile professional but keep your contents fun and engaging. You'll see your reach and followers grow in no time!

4. Develop and Test Your Content Management Strategy

Once you've clearly defined your company and your audience, it's time to develop your content management strategy. Take the time to research, curate and/or write content that would be interesting to your audience then evaluate engagement. We know that the process is tedious but be patient, you'll get amazing results in the long run. You also need to develop a posting strategy as Social Media networks have algorithms which would limit your reach if it thinks your page is spammy.

5. Turbo-charge Growth with Social Media Advertising

"I've tried 'boosting' on my FB but it doesn't work!" or "It's just added expense to my business!" or "I'm just starting my business!" you might say..and the list can go on.

If you've tried running Social Media Ads on your own and failed to get results, you might have been doing it wrong. Social Media Advertising is not limited to merely boosting a post. It's a perfect combination of art, science and common sense to make it work.

If you perceive it only as an 'additional expense' to your business, we're afraid that you're getting left behind. You have to consider it as an additional investment in marketing your company, products and services to have more customers that buy. If done the right way, Social Media Ads can exponentially drive high quality leads, prospects and customers much much more than you can imagine.

If you're running a new business or you're new in running a business you need to invest heavily on marketing to obtain leads as these will be the lifeblood of your business.

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Case Study: How We Drove 16K++ Qualified Leads in 7 Days!

If Social Media Advertising doesn't work, why then would the BIG multinational companies spend BILLIONS of US Dollars on running their ads?

From our end, here's a recent promo engagement campaign that we recently did for our travel agency client Snap N Fly Travel. They offer travel packages and flight bookings at very affordable rates!


Get as much 'QUALIFIED LEADS' to engage and interact with our ads on FB.


16K++ 'Qualified' engagements
160 New 'Qualified' page likes

600+ Direct inquiries through FB Messenger (again these are 'Qualified' people
Spend was only P0.04 per engagement (95% Better than similar ads)

Not bad huh? 😉

**Qualified Leads simply means 'Your Ideal Customers who are interested and most likely to buy from you'.

Advantages and Benefits From the Social Media Ad Campaign:

We acquired more than 16k++ 'QUALIFIED' leads who are now aware about Snap N Fly Travel Agency's existence. We are now in the position to re-market offers and promotions to these 16K++ leads. Just hit them with the right offer and marketing message and they'll come buying at your doorstep. 😉

Ad Campaign Screenshots

Ad Campaign Results
LightningTweak Facebook Ads
Ad Campaign Performance
LightningTweak Ad Campaign 95% Performance Optimization Strategy

We closely monitored the ad campaigns and optimized elements based from data to lower advertising spend and achieve the best possible results. No money wasted but obtained the maximum results possible. 😀

Direct FB Messenger Inquiries

Note: The client still receives RESIDUAL INQUIRIES in their messenger inbox up to this very day!

LightningTweak Facebook Ads
215 Direct FB Messenger Inquiries
LightningTweak Facebook Ads
158 Direct FB Messenger Inquiries
LightningTweak Facebook Ads
140 Direct FB Messenger Inquiries


As you can see the ad campaign delivered so much more than the required results and generated 16k++ warm leads who can be re-marketed with offers or promotions at any point in time.

Social Media is indeed a powerful tool to generate leads and sales if done correctly, patiently and wisely!

We sincerely do hope that this article helps you in generating leads and sales for your company especially that the holiday season is just around the corner.

If you need any help with Social Media Advertising, please feel free to contact us and we're more than happy to help you.

Have a good one PinoyTrepreneur! Game! Kaya natin yan! 😉

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While LightningTweak Social Media demonstrates expertise in social media marketing, your ad campaign's results may vary depending on factors that are beyond control. This is not a get rich quick program but we believe in hard work, value adding and dedication to help you reach your goals. Being your social media marketer, LightningTweak Social Media shall extend all efforts and resources to achieve desirable results for your ad campaign.

LightningTweak Social Media is an independent social media marketing agency and is not in any way or form connected with FaceBook™ and it's affiliates or subsidiaries.

How To Grow Your Business With Digital Marketing

How To Grow Your Business With Digital Marketing

grow your business with digital marketing

We've helped Filipino and off-shore entrepreneurs grow their businesses with Digital Marketing. We saw their frustrations on the matter and thought there could be more Pinoytrepreneurs who are struggling out there.

If you don't know how or where to start with digital marketing, Pinoytrepreneur this guide is for you.

Here Are 5 Actionable Steps to Grow Your Business with Digital Marketing

1. Don't have a website? Build one!

Shoppers nowadays are more meticulous than ever in making purchasing decisions. They search the internet and compare brands, products or services to ensure that they are receiving the value of their hard earned money. Not having a website means you're missing out on opportunities showcasing your product or services to the world.

Website Management Tips:

  • Keep SEO principles in mind.
  • Keep all information updated.
  • Setup web traffic analytics, analyze data and optimize performance.
  • Enable social media on your website.
  • Enable social media sharing on your blogposts and pages

2. Establish your Social Media presence.

Social media is a gold mine for leads, prospects and customers. Even an eight year old kid has a social media account. You can build awareness about your business, promote your products, services or events. However, social media should be used in building relationships with your audience. You can't go out there desperately selling yourself on every post. Otherwise you will be shunned.

Social Media Management Tips:

  • Keep your social media pages professional.
  • Optimize your social media pages.
  • Develop your follower growth strategy.
  • Share your blogposts.
  • Share interesting contents and posts.
  • Engage your followers with sincerity.
  • Respond to direct messages (dms) asap.
  • Create compelling artwork that inspires your audience.
  • Experts say that 2017 is the year of video marketing and they are right! Integrate video marketing to your digital marketing strategy and leave your competition behind.

3. Go heavy on content.

Want to grab the attention of your audience and grow your brand's followers? Invest your time in creating original content for your blog or researching for stories that you can share on social media. Make sure that these stories matter to your audience. Create inspiring artwork covers to go along with your post.

Article Writing Tips:

  • Keep it simple and avoid technical terms. Otherwise, state the definition clearly at the beginning of your article.
  • Keep SEO in mind when writing articles for your blog.
  • Keep 300 words your minimum.
  • Always use your post title in the first paragraph of your article.

4. Invest on Social Media ads...WISELY!

"But these don't work!" you might say. I would say it does if you've set it up correctly. Think about it, why would GIANT companies invest billions of dollars on social media ads if these don't work right? It's a matter of knowing your audience and showing them ads at the right place and at the right time. A good question to ask yourself is: 'Are you willing to spend P10,000 on social media ads to get P100,000 worth of sales?'

Social Media Ads Management Tips

  • Define your target audience.
  • Create compelling social media ad copies.
  • Split test your social media ads.
  • Optimize for performance.

5. Develop your 'TAO' Digital Marketing Strategy

At the end of each digital marketing effort is always a 'TAO'. Yes, you read it right, 'TAO' --'people' in Filipino. You should always consider the 'TAO' who will be looking at your ads when developing your Digital Marketing strategy or it won't work at all! 'TAO' also means Track And Optimize. Always 'TAO' your Digital Marketing efforts to succeed.

Digital Marketing Strategy Formulation Tips:

  • Determine your end goals.
  • Define your target audience.
  • Determine your ad campaign budget.
  • Determine your social media channel(s).
  • Determine your key performance indicators.
  • Perform gap analysis.
  • Optimize your strategy.

We sincerely hope that this simple article helps you in growing your business with Digital Marketing.

If you need any help in using Digital Marketing to grow your business, please leave your comments below or send us a message on Facebook.

PinoyTrepreneur kaya natin yan! 🙂